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Team Tomorrow:

The Internship of the Future

Instructors recommend top students from AI Camp’s programs for internships at AI Camp and beyond.
For ages 13 - 18

Real Work. Real Experience.

AI Camp’s Team Tomorrow provides internships to motivated students and gives them the chance to work for external companies. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and so through this program, students can learn the real way that professionals learn, and gain real experience at a job while still attending school.
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Function Professionally

Research and learn on your own, seek out best practices, help others, and learn from each other

Contribute to Products

Code the majority of three big features. Gradually optimize the code and self-initiative these activities

Lead a Team of Developers

Build products while training newcomers on how to become professionals

Update Your Resume

Maintain a personal website and update your LinkedIn page to reflect what you are capable of

Internship Highlights

Flexible hours and part-time work for students

Get real professional experience

Gain financial power by getting paid to learn

Top Companies Depend on Us



Focusing on intelligent automation for a company in the healthcare sector, our developers build tools to automate repetitive tasks to reduce costs and and improve caregiver experiences in the workflow.


Our Team Tomorrow developers build tools using data from the blockchain and APIs to help people make smart decisions when trading cryptocurrencies or NFTs.
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AI Camp

AI Camp's interns and student developers collaborate professionally to maintain $10k worth of servers, automate internal operations, and design impactful products, like Hippo2. This is our custom-built internal and customer-facing interface that facilitates several operations that are vital towards helping AI Camp generate millions in revenue annually.


Imprint is a full-stack e-commerce platform for rewarding customers and backing up their purchase decisions. One of our developers has created and shipped automatic VPNs for employees and is continuing to do AWS management.


Collaborate with professionals and like-minded peers from around the world

Networking Opportunities

Hands-on projects with programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and other topics typically reserved for higher education

Hands-On Projects

Professional Skills

Gain real-world experiences and work on mission-critical projects to develop essential skills for the tech industry
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How to Join Team Tomorrow

Top Students Are
Recommended By Instructors

Register for an AI Camp course or program and become a top performing student to get a recommendation from an AI Camp Instructor.


Age: 14.
Title: Machine Learning and Software Engineer.

Not Your Typical Internship

"AI Camp offered me the opportunity to work on a mobile app that could reach thousands of people to teach them computer vision. Overall, I learned the value of solving problems in a wide range of areas from education to character recognition in images."

Rohan automates the communication of instructors, parents, and students using Discord, in addition to building machine learning pipelines for external companies like Notable Health.


From Real, Employable
to Real Experiences

Why Team Tomorrow?

50% of Recent Graduates
Are Unemployed.

Why is that?


Most students focus on preparing for a good college, then spend all their time getting ready to graduate. By the time they finish college, a lack of work experience makes it difficult to get a job.

Our students have a 6-year head start in gaining real work experience through internships and part-time work for top companies, giving them a massive advantage when it comes to future employment.


Our Impact


Students taught from around the world

$1 Million+


Revenue generated by student developers and staff

Unique AI products created by students

Jump Start Your Career

We hire top students from our programs and courses.
>99% Accuracy on Character Recognition Models

My team created an optical character recognition model with >99% accuracy on a standardized test set, and are working to deploy it into a pipeline that is near effortless for a company in the healthcare sector to adopt into their workflow. There’s always something new to learn and I never get confined doing the same thing over and over again.

Jackson Choyce

Senior Software Engineer

Team Tomorrow Lead

bernice lau.jpeg
Products Generate
Millions in Revenue

I make data-driven decisions to design the external interfaces that potential customers interact with. With constant learning experiences and opportunities for growth, I have not only strengthened my leadership skills by leading my own team, but also developed a more extensive range of technical skills within the product design, marketing, and data science sectors of the tech industry. 

Bernice Lau
Product Designer
Product Design Team Lead

david kim.jpg
Blockchain Analysis
Tools for NFT Trading

My team is developing blockchain analysis tools for an NFT trading discord. Working at AI Camp has exposed me to many different aspects of the tech industry. It has given me the confidence that I can succeed wherever I go. AI Camp’s community is full of driven learners - everyone is constantly pushing themselves to learn more and also share what they learned.

David Kim
Software Engineer 
Team Tomorrow Lead

What Our Student Developers Are Saying

Flexible Part-Time Work

Remote experience with impactful results.

AI is the Biggest Tech Tidal Wave in Our Lifetime.

Start Your AI Journey Now.

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