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What Our Students Are Saying

Hear from AI Camp students on their experiences.

Our Impact


Students taught from around the world

$1 Million+

Revenue generated by student developers and staff


Unique AI products created by students

Student Comments

AI Camp alum, Vamsee

3-Week Summer Course

"Honestly if you would have told me we were going to have a website this good in the start, I would have laughed. The result is turning into something super cool and I’m so proud of our group."
AI Camp alum, Jayden

3-Week Summer Course

"I really liked a lot of the stuff at the beginning of the meeting especially the overall philosophy AI Camp is encouraging informed decision making."
AI Camp alum, Mir

3-Week Summer Course

"My instructor, Vishnu, was amazing at really making sure everyone understood the topics, and waited for any questions and for everyone to finish."

Day in the Life of an
AI Camp Student

AI Camp alum, Dale

3-Week Summer Course

"Today was great! We got everything about our website nice and set up with pretty visuals and functioning functions! Yesterday I was struggling for hours on how to center some items in HTML, and my team member fixed it so easily! You could just imagine how shocked I was. I learned a lot from that simple fix and something like that can give me a nice sleep and a better understanding of how HTML works.

We were working very hard after 3pm and we made quite a lot of progress! Working with my professor and my teammates opened up a path towards a great project. We made this product happen! I learned so much these past few weeks. I’ve improved my self and I also had a great experience. I would love to stick around the discord server!

3-Week Summer Course

"Camp was super fun. My instructor, Graham, was the best and made sure that we all learned a lot throughout the three weeks. I definitely think I was so interested in the camp because of how he would teach us. He made sure that we were never bored, always making jokes to keep us entertained. My team was also the best. We all got along really well and created such a cool project."
AI Camp alum, Anvita
AI Camp alum, Nathan
"I loved seeing everyone's presentations today! I am so proud of our entire group and watching everyone grow over the past three weeks. I had very little programming experience going into this camp, and I feel like I've learned so much throughout a short period of time. In addition, before this camp, I was considering artificial intelligence as a possible focus in college, but after this camp, I now know that I would be really interested in that. Whether or not I get an opportunity to intern with AI Camp, I am extremely thankful for everything that the program has had to offer. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Hyrum. He was extremely relatable and very supportive of us during the whole process. I'm definitely going to be writing about this experience on my upcoming college apps, because I felt that this was an extremely valuable opportunity that is related to my major."

3-Week Summer Course

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

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