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AI Camp's mission:

Prepare students for the real-life. 

AI Camp CEO Michael Zhang and his co-founding wife Ying Jiang. They are a team who deeply cares about education and making a difference.

AI Camp is something we wish we could have when we were students.

We went to Stanford, Caltech, and Cornell - best universities in the country. But when it comes to find a job after our Ph.D. programs, like many students, we struggled.
Student loan statistics detailing there is 1.5 billion dolars in student debt, 68 percent of students with debt and an average debt of 30 thousand dollars.

Our higher education put us in debt. 

We are not alone - 68% students graduate from universities with average debt of $30,000. Cumulatively, student debt is more than 1.5 trillion dollars, second only to mortgage.
There are 53% of new graduates without a job at the time of graduation.

And it does not prepare us for the real-life.

More than half of the graduates do not have a job at the time of their graduation. And it will take then more than 6 months to find a job.
Some questions AI Camp answers for its students. Such as: what skills are needed for a job? How do I learn this skills? Or how do I build trusted relationships when networking?

AI Camp bridges the gap between schools and industries.

Students do not know what jobs are there, what to learn and have no network. We intent to bridge this gap through teaching AI and how to make a real AI product. 
AI Camp teaches students the core skills of a data scientist, the big picture of our AI industry, how to learn experientially and how to learn quickly; this all occurs while building an AI product end-to-end.

Learn core data skills, roles and other important skills.

By guiding students to make a real AI product that people can use, we teach students how to think different roles and learn anything they want. This equips students with a framework to tackle the real-life.
Front page of a previous student product that detected emotion in any picture utilizing artificial intelligence.

The end results are an impressive AI product and successful students.

With this experience, students can take full advantage of their education.
AI Camp CEO Michael Zhang's family picture.

Join us - make impressive AI products and prepare for your future.

Self driving cars? Alexa for patients? We hope to see you to make these @ AI Camp. Apply below.

What AI products you want to build?

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