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Our Students Build Real AI Products That People Use

By creating an AI product, our students apply what they learn through first-hand experience of being an engineer, product manager, or data scientist. If you want to learn how to make these products, join us!

Makes them more competitive academically

Provides them with the professional skills that enable them to intern at companies

Gives them insights into their future careers

Our students don't make PowerPoints.
They make

impressive AI products people actually use.

In just three weeks these students made a face mask detector to help business owners fight the
Covid-19 Pandemic.

AI Camp alum, Katherine
AI Camp alum, Katie
AI Camp alum, Madeleine
AI Camp alum, Rahul
AI Camp alum, Sarghi

Catherine H, Katie S, Madeleine B, Rahul G, Sarghi S

AI Bootcamp Program

Build impressive products for your college portfolio and resume while gaining professional experience.

Hand Gesture Video Game

Built By

Alan, Dale, Gonzalo, Noah, Vincent

We used computer vision to control games through hand motions.

See This Product in Action
Github Repository
Video Game powered by Hand Gestures. A Computer vision machine learning project.
Machine learning project to detect tumors from images.

AI Detects Tumors

Built By

Aarush, Enzo, Felix, HaJasper, Malvika, Riley, Samuel

We used data science to predict melanoma tumor sizes.

See This Product in Action
Github Repository

Song Lyric Bot

Built By

Emilio, Devin H, Greg C, Jennifer G, Leonardo A, Vincent Y

We used natural language processing to create a rap bot.

See This Product in Action
Github Repository
Machine learning project to generate rap lyrics.

Guided Internship

Learn professional practices and skills by delivering high-impact products to real companies.

Project Firestart

These students utilized AI to help the environment by tracking the release of methane gas from gas flares.

Peer Editing and Efficiency Robot

Product Specification feedback bot.

Built By

AI Camp alum, Amogh
AI Camp alum, Blake
AI Camp alum, Dylan
AI Camp alum, Ian
AI Camp alum, Reign
AI Camp alum, Vamsee
Amogh, Blake, Dylan, Ian, Reign, Vamsee

We utilized GPT-3 to give written feedback and suggestions on product specifications.

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Github Repository

AI Summarizes Media

Built By

AI Camp alum, Eiko
AI Camp alum, Gokul
AI Camp alum, Kieran
AI Camp alum, Nicole
AI Camp alum, Srikar
AI Camp alum, Emily
Eiko, Gokul, Kieran, Nicole, Srikar, Emily

We created a web app that automatically generates summarized notes for any audio, video, or text input using cutting-edge language models.

Github Repository
A video summarization application built by students.

Team Tomorrow: Our Investment In You

Launch your professional career with a technical internship designed for young self-starters.  

Team Tomorrow Website

Built By

AI Camp alum, Toryn
AI Camp alum, Said
AI Camp alum, Kalen
AI Camp alum, Jamie
AI Camp alum, Daniel
AI Camp alum, Bernice
Bernice, Daniel, Jamie, Kalen, Said, Toryn

We built a dynamic website to showcase our TT developers' projects and portfolios.

Try This Product
Team Tomorrow website built by students.
Hippo2 software built by students.

AI Camp Custom Software

Built By

AI Camp alum, Bernice
AI Camp alum, Jackson
AI Camp alum, Sricharan
AI Camp alum, Zachary
AI Camp alum
AI Camp alum, Alex Z
Alexander, Bernice, Jackson, Sricharan, Zachary, and more!

We built a custom, all-in-one course registration, back office, and dashboard system for AI Camp's product operations.


Get Ahead with Real Work Experience at AI Camp and Beyond.

Logo for Notable Health
Logo for AI Camp
Logo for Ethereum
Logo for Imprint

Team Tomorrow Spotlight: Rohan Joshi 

Age: 14
Title: Machine Learning and Software Engineer

Not Your Typical Internship...

"AI Camp offered me the opportunity to work on a mobile app that could reach thousands of people to teach them computer vision. Overall, I learned the value of solving problems in a wide range of areas from education to character recognition in images."

Rohan automates the communication of instructors, parents, and students using Discord, in addition to building machine learning pipelines for external companies.


The Real Product is Our Students

check mark

They Know How to Learn as Professionals


Learn by working


Use Data to Make Decisions

check mark

They Have Impressive Records


Create real products


Immerse themselves within internships

check mark

They Have Direction for Their Future


Have Good Understanding of Various Jobs


Understanding Dangers of Student Loans*

Words From Our Students

Trustpilot Logo
4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot

Rated 4.8/5 stars by hundreds of satisfied students

"My team and I created an awesome, interactive, entertaining, and immersive final product, showcasing everything we learned during the camp."


- Kalen

“I absolutely loved this camp - it was awesome getting to interact with team members and my instructor and collaborate to make a product of our choice that could make an impact through multiple aspects.”


- Adithya

"It wasn't just programming and machine learning, there was also teamwork and communication. My team was able to create a product we are proud of!"


- Felix

We Are Only as Great as the Doors We Open.

Join us, make something cool,
and be ready for the future.

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