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AI Foundations

A learning experience guided by experts and taught by AI
Zero Coding Experience Required
Learn with Nova, Your AI Co-teacher 
Guidance and Mentorship from Expert Instructors

In-depth Understanding of AI and Popular AI Tools
An AI Powered Video Project Created by You

Your AI Foundations Toolkit:

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AI Foundations

In this AI Camp Program, you will: 

Learn from Nova, Your AI Co-Teacher

Benefit from an interactive and personal learning experience with Nova, your AI co-teacher, ready to answer all your questions and guide your learning journey.

Deeply Understand AI and Popular AI Tools

Cover topics such as machine learning and deep learning and learn advanced techniques on how to utilize cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT and Stability Diffusion.

Build Your Own AI Powered Video Project

Leverage the AI knowledge and skills acquired during the AI Foundations program to create a video project powered entirely by AI. 

What Sets Us Apart

AI Foundations' Unique Learning Approach

Human Mentorship Meets AI-Powered Education: Each session is a blend of personal guidance from our university-affiliated mentors and interactive learning with Nova, our AI co-teacher designed to understand and adapt to each student's unique learning style.

Program Logistics

Flexible Program Logistics to Accommodate Your Lifestyle

Coding Experience 


Total Program

20 hrs

Best for
Students Ages




AI Foundations
Program Duration

2 Weeks

Hours Spent
Per Day

2 hrs

Program Schedule

Designed with Your Busy Summer Schedule in Mind

To accommodate personal scheduling preferences, we offer two session options:

  • Morning Session: 10 AM to 12 PM 

  • Afternoon Session: 1 PM to 3 PM

Both sessions are offered in EST or PST time zones ​

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Cohort & Tuition Options

AI Foundations

A unique, two-week summer program led by our expert instructors, and guided by Nova, our AI co-teacher. Prepare for an immersive AI learning experience you've never seen before.

Upcoming Dates

Cohort A

June 17 - June 28

2 Weeks, M-F


Cohort B

July 8 - July 19

2 Weeks, M-F


Cohort C

July 29 - August 9

2 Weeks, M-F


AI Foundations Payment Options

Multiple ways to fund your future

Everyone deserves to learn AI. That's why we provide flexible payment options. 



Full Payment

For those who prefer simplicity


Month to Month

For those who prefer flexibility


Four (4) month
payment plan

Where AI Journeys Begin. Discover Yours.

Kick off your transformative journey at AI Camp with AI Foundations. Together, we'll unlock your potential and set the course for success.

AI Foundations Curriculum 

Friendly and In-depth Curriculum


Meet Nova + Intro to AI


Large Language Models


Image Generation


Machine Learning Concepts & Applications


Recap + AI Project Selection


Deep Learning & Neural Networks


Natural Language Processing & Transformers


AI Ethics & Impact


Using AI in Your Day-to-Day

DAY 10

Final Demo

Your AI Project

Build a Stunning AI Video Project

Imagine creating a video project where every element, from the script to the background music, and even the narration, is crafted using AI. Surprising, isn't it? What would normally require at least 25 hours of intensive effort, with AI these ambitious projects can now be completed in a fraction of the time. And, we'll show you how to do it. 

Your Project, Your Vision: In AI Foundations you'll have the opportunity to create your very own AI-driven video project, similar to the one showcased here. This hands-on experience is your chance to bring your vision to life and leveraging AI in a unique way!


"I just love the fact that I can ask any questions I want at anytime. I couldn't stop learning with Nova."

"Learning with Nova is so fun and personal! It’s like having a mentor who’s always there for me."

Student Testimonials

Our Past Students Say it Best

Be inspired by the personal growth and breakthroughs experienced by our students in their own words.

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