AI Camp - Summer Program

Learn AI in 3 weeks this summer

A learning experience of a life-time for ages 13-18 in the summer.
Full time for three weeks.
For ages 13 - 18
It will only take a min to apply. More than 5,000 students have done so.
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AI Summer Camp 2022
Info Session Recording

Over 500 students and parents joined us for an engaging conversation about AI Summer Camp. Take a look of our recording!

AI Summer Camp

  • Learn AI in small classes online with our instructors. 6 students max per instructor.

  • Build an impressive AI product for your college admission portfolio in the summer

  • Speak with at least 3 guest speakers who are professional AI practitioners.

  • Experience various tech roles and learn how to make informed career decisions.

  • Gain access to our learning center with all AI learning materials

  • No coding experience necessary to begin.

  • ​​​Tuition: $1,949 (early bird. Deadline 3/1/2022). $2,349 (regular). Reserve now for the early bird pricing. 

  • Scholarships are available.

  • We select the best students to train for tech internships at top technology companies.


Program Logistics


Batch A - 6/6 to 6/24

Batch B - 6/27 to 7/15


Batch C - 7/18 to 8/5


Batch D - 8/8 to 8/26

3 week-long program in the summer.
10 am to 3 pm every weekday.
PST and EST timezone preferences are available.

Register today to secure your spot.

Reservation fee is $249 and is fully refundable.

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Impactful projects by our students

Our students are building AI-powered hardware to help Starbucks recycle better (it recognizes various trash). We not only learn AI concepts, but also use that knowledge to code real, impactful projects. 

What Our Students Are Saying...

Learn Core Data Skills and Get a Head-Start

1st Week

Programming, command lines, and statistics

During the first week, students learn basics in Python, such as how to write a for loop and a function. We will also give an overview of how to make an AI product so that students have a mentor model of the whole camp right at the beginning. We will also introduce simple statistics so that our students can understand more advanced machine learning concepts (such as entropy). 

2nd Week

Data manipulation and machine learning

With the basic foundation there, we will start to introduce them concepts of machine learning, such as the loss function and how to split your data. Depending on the project, we might teach how to explore data, how to visualize data, and how to manipulate data. 
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3rd Week

Fundamentals in deep learning

Deep learning is a trendy subject in machine learning, and the recent progress at deep learning showed many promising applications. We will introduce to students the concept of a neural network, convolution network, and other important concepts so that they can build some fundamental understanding of deep learning.
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Gain Critical Life Skills and
Build a Network

how to pick a major.png

Make informed important decisions 

If we all choose our major carefully with data and experimentation, we will enjoy our jobs better. At AI Camp, we teach students a framework on how to pick a college major so students can build their dream careers that will suit them. Our purpose to invite guest speakers is also to shed some light on different roles and help students to navigate this industry. 
Information Interview.png

Learn how to build a powerful network 

The power of the network is something we believe every one of our students should understand. One of our students coined the term “friendship is magic” - and it really captured what your network can do for you. For example, it can help you avoid a bad boss or get you the next job. We will teach students how to build a network, starting with all our guest speakers, mentors, advisors, and fellow students. 

Be part of a top AI community

All our instructors, mentors, and advisors care deeply about education and are committed to helping our students grow. Being a part of the AI Camp means that you are in a top AI practitioner community, where you can leverage this group's expertise and connections.

AI is the biggest technology tidal wave in our students' lifetime

Today, AI is helping us making drugs, recommending optimum routes for us to navigate, and helping doctors to fill the paperwork. Tomorrow, AI can compose music for us and drive long winding roads to deliver goods. Learning AI is a good way to master your own future. 

Learn AI This Summer
at AI Camp

AI Camp Has A Profound Impact on Students

With AI Camp

Learn core data skills with leaders in a great industry
Make informed major/career decisions by information interviews and experimenting.
Be part of a top AI practitioner network and know how to build close relationships.

Without AI Camp

No real industry skills and do not know how to learn after school. 
No idea what to do. Just follow the trend and end up being not happy.
No industry connections and no internal referral to get in.