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Learn AI with Zero Coding Experience.

AI Camp teaches future leaders about coding, AI, how to learn, and how to work through creating impressive AI products and tech internships. 
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It will only take a min to apply. More than 5,000 students have done so.
For ages 13 - 18.

AI Camp Highlights


Founded by Stanford Ph.Ds

Our instructors and founders are graduates from Stanford and CMU. With our mentors and advisors, we are top practitioners in AI. 

Build Impressive AI Products

We learn the best by doing, and our students learn by building impressive AI products that people can use. Use it in your college application portfolio. 

Learn Real,
Employable Skills

Our students learn real skills. Not only do they learn real engineering and data skills and get hired at tech companies, they also learn how to use data to make decisions and how to build deep relationships with people.

Our students don't make PowerPoints.

They make impressive AI products people actually use.

In just three weeks, we made a face mask detector to help business owners fight the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Impressive Programs
for Our Students

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3 Week Summer AI Camp (2022 summer)

  • A summer hands-on class that will teach you coding, artificial intelligence, how to make decisions using data, and careers in tech.

  • 3 weeks long program. Our jam packed sessions start at 10 AM and finish at 3 PM

  • Build an impressive AI product for your college admission portfolio in the summer.

  • No coding experience is needed to participate.

  • Online program - so you can join from anywhere.


This full AI Summer Camp will create an AI product. All spots are almost gone. Submit your tuition to secure your seat.

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1 Week Summer AI Camp (2022 summer)

  • A introductory summer hands-on class that will teach you coding, data science, and careers in tech.

  • 1 weeks long program. Our jam packed sessions start at 10 AM and finish at 3 PM

  • Build a data dashboard in one week.

  • It's an introductory course - no coding experience is needed to participate.

  • Online program - so you can join from anywhere.

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This introductory course is great for beginners in AI.
Register NOW to secure your seat.

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Team Tomorrow (year-around internship)

  • Learn professional skills (such as product management & scalable web development) with mentors in the industry.

  • Gain practical soft skills such as over-communication and proactiveness.

  • Obtain real-world experience through tech internships from top companies. Use this experience to guide your college and major choices.

  • A year-around program with flexible scheduling.

  • A paid program that will give you financial power. 

  • Online program - so you can join from anywhere.


Only top students recommended by our instructors can become a member in Team Tomorrow. Start by signing up AI Summer Camps.

AI with a Human Touch

"[AI Camp's Conceptual Series] was a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence and the many relevant fields that surround it. I learned a lot about myself and the future that I want to pursue. The final session of the class gave me meaningful guidance that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

Zachary Hassman
Age: 16 | Park Ridge, Illinois


4.7 out of 5 based on 200+ reviews on

What's Special About AI Camp

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Teach Real,
Employable Skills

Everyday, we evaluate what we teach, while also collaborating with industry leaders to create learning materials and curriculums that can teach practical knowledge to our students. When we start teaching our students real and transferrable knowledge, they can pave their own future.

Active, hands-on, project-based learning

Learning at AI Camp is all about hands-on active learning. We learn the best by practicing and by making mistakes. Thus all of our classes are about making impactful and interesting projects, which motivate students to learn.

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From coding to tech internships - a full immersion program

AI Camp is built by our students. Our best students are hired to build websites, to program discord services, and to deploy servers that allow thousands of students to learn about AI. Seeing their success and rapid growth, we are now starting to send our students to the best tech companies and non-profits for internships. It benefits our students, and companies love them!  

From Real, Employable
to Real Experiences 

Age: 17.
Title: Software Engineer.

"When I graduate from college, I will have six years of professional software development experience."

Jackson (from Austin, TX) manages 20+ services and builds custom software that enable businesses like AI Camp to run.

Our Impact


Students taught from around the world

$1 Million+


Revenue generated by student developers and staff

Unique AI products created by students


Get Paid to Learn

AI Camp’s Team Tomorrow provides internships to motivated students and gives them the chance to work for top companies. Students can learn the real way that professionals learn, and gain real experience at a job while still attending school.

Instructors recommend AI Camp's best students  for internships at AI Camp and beyond. Start your journey with AI Camp today!

What Our Students are Saying...

A World-Class Team for
Our Students

Our advisors, mentors, and instructors are top industry and academic experts in AI. They founded impactful companies or are currently conducting cutting edge research in AI.
We care deeply about education.
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AI Camp is the
#1 Place for Teens to Learn AI

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AI is the Biggest Tech Tidal Wave in Our Lifetime.

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It will only take a min to apply. More than 5,000 students have done so.