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AI Camp

Learn AI with zero coding experience

An intensive coding and real-world learning experience for ages 13-18. 
It will only take a minute to apply.

Camp highlights

We learn the best by doing, and our students learn by building impressive AI products that people can use. Use it for in your college application portfolio. 

Build an impressive AI product

Our students will also learn how to choose their majors, form networks with people, and find mentors while also gaining engineering and in-demand data skills. They are able to make informed decisions and get a head start in life.

Learn real-world skills

Our mentors and advisors are top practitioners in AI. They bring startups experience into the camp. We will also tour top companies such as Blend Labs, Facebook, Lyft, Notable, QuantiFind and Google. 

Experience the startup culture

Our students make impressive AI Products, not presentations.


In just three weeks, we made an emotion detector.

A world-class team

for our students

Dr. Michael Ke Zhang


Stanford Ph.D. Head of Data at Blend Labs.

Dr. Ying Jiang


Stanford Ph.D. Senior Data Scientist at Ericsson.

Ofer Mendelevitch

Advisor and Guest Speaker

VP of Data Science at Helix. 

Dr. Justin White

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Co-founder & CTO at Notable Health

Our advisors, mentors, and instructors are industry and academic experts in AI that are on top of their fields. We are all hands-on and deeply care about education.

Dr. John Stockton

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Co-founder and CTO at Quantifind.

Kenneth Jiang

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Founder at TSD

Dr. Nikolas Tezak 

Guest Speaker

Fellow at Open AI

Ying Luo

Guest Speaker

Product Analyst at Blend Labs

Robert Young

 Guest Speaker

Lead Data Scientist at Keewi

Eugene Marinelli

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Co-founder and CTO at Blend Labs

Prof. Tsachy Weissman

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Professor at Stanford University

Lin Yuan

Guest Speaker

Engineering Manager at Lyft

Be ready for the future. Learn AI.

Is it possible to learn AI with zero coding experience?

Yes, let us show you.

Experiential Learning

With our years of experience in the tech industry, we break down the process in making an AI product into smaller steps. In each step, we teach fundamental skills that students immediately get to use to solve problems and make progress.

Learn from top AI practitioners 

Our mentors and advisors are not only top practitioners in AI, but also have done other amazing things throughout their careers. Our students get to meet and ask questions about learning styles, their college experience, and their journey to data science. 

Tour technology companies

We tour top technology companies to learn what a real working experience is like. In companies like Notable Health, Blend Labs, Quantifind, Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, and Facebook, students talk to founders and data scientists to learn about their jobs and perspectives on the industry.

Make informed career choices

At AI Camp, one of our most important motivations is to teach students how to make informed choices when it comes to choose what to learn and to do in life. We have developed a framework to teach students how to make these important decisions: by using data, by conducting information interviews, and by experimenting.

Education Programs

Learn AI in 3 weeks this summer! Speak with at least 3 guest speakers and tour 3 companies. Current location: Stanford. $2,249. Click Learn Details below for more information about the camp.

Summer Camp

*  We are committed to our mission and offer scholarships to low-income families. See FAQs down below for how to apply.

Learn AI in small classes online with our instructors! The class schedule is at night and during weekends, perfect for the school year. Speak with 3 guest speakers. $199/ Month. Click Learn Details below for more information about the camp.

Online Camp

*  We are committed to our mission and offer scholarships to low-income families. See FAQs down below for how to apply.

Our students love us.

Read about their experience.

"To me, this camp is about the potential to learn and grow."

Our goal wasn’t to achieve perfection or 100% accuracy. It was to show that we, as young adults, could start with zero knowledge, learn AI, and apply our knowledge by creating and sharing.

"I learned how to learn."

The advice from Michael of diving into the deepest ocean is a piece of advice that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life.

How to join AI Camp?

1. Submit one application. Write thoughtful answers.
2. Reserve the camp space and sign all documents. 

* Spaces are quite limited, so early submission will be an advantage as we admit qualified students on a first-come-first-serve basis.

** We are committed to our mission and offer scholarships to low-income families. See FAQs down below for how to apply.

>> it will just take a min

Calling all AI Club presidents

AI Camp intends to establish AI Clubs around the country. We support our clubs with mentors and the best curriculum. If you are interested in establish an AI Club at your school, send us one email at hello@ai-camp.org. Thanks!