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Online Programs for Ages 13+ | 100% Virtual

Learn AI with Zero Coding Experience 

AI Camp educates future leaders on AI, coding, and the process of crafting remarkable AI products, all while providing opportunities for tech internships.





Students taught remotely from around the world

Trustpilot Rating by 340+ Parents and Students

Unique AI products built by students

Revenue generated by students and staff

Featured in  


Inside AI Camp

Founded by
Stanford Ph.Ds 

Start your AI journey with industry leaders from Stanford and CMU, who are committed to unlocking your potential in the world of artificial intelligence. 

Build Impressive
AI Products

At AI Camp, we believe in learning by doing. Our students craft impressive AI products with real-world applications – a valuable addition to your college application portfolio.

Acquire In-Demand Skills with Us

Elevate your skills with our job-focused engineering and data training. Master data-driven decision-making and build invaluable industry connections for a thriving tech career.

Our Programs

Discover the AI Camp program that's right for you

AI Foundations


Jump into the exciting world of AI with our beginner's adventure – learn the fundamentals of top AI tools!

What to Expect:

  • Zero coding experience required

  • An introductory program designed to teach you the fundamentals of AI

  • A video project created by you and your team using AI tools 

Offered Year-Round | 100% Online

Program Length:
2-weeks, 2 Hour Sessions, M-F

AI Bootcamp


Join us for an engaging intermediate-level adventure, perfect for students looking to build a real AI product!

What to Expect:

  • Zero coding experience required

  • A fully functioning AI product built by you and your team

  • Instructors from top universities (Stanford, CMU, MIT, etc.)

  • 6 students per instructor 

Summer Program | 100% Online

Program Length:
3-weeks, 4 Hour Sessions, M-F

Guided Internship


The ultimate adventure designed to train the best students into young professionals!

What to Expect:

  • Expert mentorship from industry professionals (Google, OpenAI, Adobe, and more!)  

  • Build a real AI product for clients

  • A shining AI Camp Certification & Letter of Recommendation

Summer Program | 100% Online

Program Length:
3-weeks, 4 Hour Sessions, M-F

Learn More

Our students don't make PowerPoints.
They make
impressive AI products people actually use.

In just three weeks these students made a face mask detector to help business owners fight the
Covid-19 Pandemic.

AI Camp alum, Katherine
AI Camp alum, Katie
AI Camp alum, Madeleine
AI Camp alum, Rahul
AI Camp alum, Sarghi

Hear from AI Camp Alumni

AI Camp alum, Vamsee

AI Bootcamp Program

"Honestly if you would have told me we were going to have a website this good in the start, I would have laughed. The result is turning into something super cool and I’m so proud of our group."
AI Camp alum, Jayden

AI Bootcamp Program

"I really liked a lot of the stuff at the beginning of the meeting especially the overall philosophy AI Camp is encouraging informed decision making."

AI Bootcamp Program

"It’s very exciting to be starting professional work at the age of only 18, and some of us even younger... I think that’s going to help us skyrocket our careers
really fast."
AI Camp Alum, Alex

A World-Class Team
Dedicated to Our Students

Our advisors, mentors, and instructors are industry and academic experts in AI. They founded impactful companies or are currently conducting cutting edge research in AI.
AI Camp co-founders

Start Your AI Journey Now.

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