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Important Notice for Possible Coronavirus Outbreak

Student learning and health are our top priorities. In case of a full Coronavirus outbreak, we will shift our summer camp online. Our online camp is very effective, but if you do not want to have the online experience, we will issue refund. There is no risk applying and signing up now for our summer camp.

AI Camp - summer

Learn AI in 3 weeks this summer

An intensive coding and real-world learning experience for ages 13-18. 
It will only take a min to apply.


3 Weeks, Summer.

9 am to 3 pm.


April 15th, 2020


No Coding Experience Needed

Early bird pricing has ended.
Apply early to secure your spot.

AI Summer Camp Details


Three weeks. 

Every weekday.

9am to 3pm.



$2,249.00 (early bird)

We provide scholarships to low-income families. See below.


Stanford Campus.

We may establish more locations if we see demand. Apply anyway. you can also check out our online camp.


Choose one of the three sessions: 6/15 to 7/3, 7/6 to 7/24 or 7/27 to 8/14

A typical day

2 hours of lectures and practices.

1 hour of lunch and playing time.

3 hours of building an AI product.

Tour Companies and meet Guest Speakers

We will tour at least 3 companies such as Uber and Pinterest. 

We will speak to at least 4 guest speakers.

FREE Nutritious Lunch for our students

Nearly 1/3 of the students could not perform simply because of lack of nutrition. As educators, we are prepared to do anything that will make our students successful, including providing meals that are nutritious and balanced for the fast growth of our students. This will be included in our summer camp package.

Learn core data skills and get a head-start

1st Week

Programming, command lines, and statistics

During the first week, student learn basics in Python, such as how to write a for loop and a function. We will also give an overview of how to make an AI product so that students have a mentor model of the whole camp right at the beginning. We will also introduce simple statistics so that our students can understand more advanced machine learning concepts (such as entropy). 

2nd Week

Data manipulation and machine learning

With the basic foundation there, we will start introduce them concepts of machine learning, such as the loss function and how to split your data. Depending on the project, we might teach how to explore data, how to visualize data, and how to manipulate data. 

3rd Week

Fundamentals in deep learning

Deep learning is a trendy subject in machine learning, and the recent progress at deep learning showed many promising applications. We will introduce to students the concept of neural network, convolution network and other important concepts so that they can build some fundamental understanding of deep learning.

Gain Critical Life Skills and Built a Network

Make informed important decisions 

If we all choose our major carefully with data and experimentation, we will enjoy our jobs better. At AI Camp, we teach students a framework to how to pick a collage major so students can build their dream career that will suit them. Our purpose to invite guest speakers is also to shed some light to different roles and help students to navigate this industry. 

Learn how to build a powerful network 

The power of the network is something we believe every one of our students should understand. One of our students coined term “friendship is magic” - and it really captured what your network can do for you. For example, it can help you avoid a bad boss or get you the next job. We will teach students how to build a network, starting with all our guest speakers, mentors, advisors, and fellow students. 

Be part of a top AI community

All our instructors, mentors and advisors care deeply about education and are committed to helping our students grow. Being a part of the AI Camp means that you are in a top AI practitioner community, where you can leverage this group's expertise and connections.

AI Camp Scholarship

How to obtain a scholarship

We understand that a few thousand dollars are not trivial for a lot of families, no matter how great our camp offering is. This is why we are offering scholarships to outstanding students from low-income families. This is both a need and merit-based scholarship. We have limited spaces so please apply as soon as you can. 
To be a successful applicant, it's important to answer all the questions in the application in a thoughtful manner. During interviews, just be who you are. You will be okay. 


Apply to AI Camp as soon as you can.


Submit your family's last year tax return to verify income.


When we have all the documents and see fit, we will conduct a final interview.

Learn AI this summer

@ AI Camp

AI Camp has profound impact to students

With AI Camp

Learn core data skills with leaders in a great industry
Make informed major/career decisions by information interviews and experimenting.
Be part of a top AI practitioner network and know how to build close relationships.

Without AI Camp

No real industry skills and do not know how to learn after school. 
No idea what to do. Just follow the trend and end up being not happy.
No industry connections and no internal referral to get in.