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Unlock the Power of AI in Just Four Classes

Online AI Intro Course | Ages 13+
We teach our students how to use AI to learn, to become super efficient, and to form the good habits in the Age of AI.
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Best experience ever! You won’t regret.


Join this camp!


Worth every penny.


Rated 4.8/5 stars on

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Engaging sessions within a small group setting

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Create a video project with a team using AI tools you've learned

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No coding experience necessary to create a great product


Offered Year Round

100% Online


Tools You'll Learn

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4 Sessions 

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Other Perks =)

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AI Art Generation Sessions

Video Generation Projects
Group Discussions

AI Research

Final Presentation

Become a part of the

AI Camp Family!

Join the thousands of students on our Discord server - share ideas, jokes, and memories

Discover how AI can be a

game-changer for you

Amazing Benefits of This Program

4 sessions | 1.5 hours per session

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Use AI the Right Way

What is AI? What is ChatGPT? Learn best practices with ChatGPT and create a script for your innovative video!

Students will learn to use AI the right way whether it's to brainstorm or as a personal coach!

Create images like these

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AI Has Profound Impacts on Our Future

Create masterpieces using AI art tools: generate music and visuals for your video.

Students see how amazing AI is and realize how important it is to learn about AI.

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Becoming 5x More Efficient with AI

Put together a video with a team using AI tools you've learned.

Students learn to increase their efficiency by a factor of 5 if they utilize AI. We help them form an important habit.

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An In-Depth Understanding of AI & Demo

Gain insight into how tools like ChatGPT was made and how it works. Celebrate what you’ve learned and reflect on your experiences during the program!

Students will leave excited to learn more about AI, now armed with the fundamentals.

Get Ready for Age of AI.

We're Trusted

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4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot

Rated 4.8/5 stars by hundreds of satisfied students

“I recommend this camp to anyone interested or curious about AI: you won't regret it.”


- Taimur

“All the instructors were incredibly kind and engaging and supported a structure of teaching students how to learn on their own.”


- Samuel

“Overall a great community and a wonderful way to learn AI!”


- Tyler

Wonder What Comes Next?

Your Journey Doesn't End Here.

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