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Request Batch Change

You can do that in your dashboard: 
Note there is a deadline but it depends on the exact course.

Reservation Fee Refund

You can do that in your dashboard: 

Note there is a deadline but it depends on the exact course. In addition, there is a small fee Stripe, our payment gateway, charges. We do not keep anything.

Get Payment or Scholarship Confirmation

Check your email as there should be an confirmation email sent to you.

Incorrect or Overdue Invoice

Email, and we can correct it for you.

Late for Scholarship Reservation

Email us at

Additional Cost Assistance

Just stay put. We might reach out with a more affordable program.

Program Logistics

3 week-long program in the summer.
10 am to 3 pm every weekday.
PST and EST timezone preferences are available.

Four batch choices: 
Batch A - 6/6 to 6/24
Batch B - 6/27 - 7/15
Batch C - 7/18 to 8/5
Batch D - 8/8 to 8/26

Key Dates

5/1 - the last day you can change your batch
6/3 - the last day you can have full refund.

AI Summer Camp
Info Session

Over 500 students and parents joined us for an engaging conversation about AI Summer Camp. Take a look of our recording!

AI Summer Camp Benefits

Guidance from
World-Class Instructors

Feedback, advice, and support from experienced researchers and professionals

Hands-On Projects

Hands-on projects with programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and other topics typically reserved for higher education

Prepare for Tech Internships

Learn and develop essential skills for professional tech internships as a teenager to boost your resume
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Our programs are competitively priced and offer exclusive access to the world’s best instructors.

Regular: $2,349

Apply now for a scholarship for our 3-week Summer AI Camp, valued at over $2,000 USD. Visit our Scholarship page for more information.

AI is the Biggest Tech Tidal Wave in Our Lifetime.

Start Your AI Journey Now.

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