Our students make real AI products that people can use.

By creating an AI product, our students apply what they have learned. Also, they are getting first-hand experience of being an engineer, a product manager, or a data scientist. This experience is super important when they need to decide what they want to do for their future. Here we show you the demos and the product library. If you want to learn how to make these products, join us!

Product Demos

Student Product Library

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We created this application so that people with autism can use this application to tell basic human emotions.

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We created this application using natural language processing to analyze healthy or unhealthy food ingredients.

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We created a mask detector to help store owners to keep everyone safe.

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This AI product is to help people to learn about American Sign Language.

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Our currency detector can help banks facilitate the exchange of different currencies in an automatic fashion.

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Use AI to find out if that plant on your hiking trial is poisonous!

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Self-driving cars are complex - one of the most important components of them is the perception module. Here we created and trained an application that can recognize street signs such as stops signs and traffic lights.

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We are interested in how AI can be applied to the medical field. We are working on an application that can allow us identify various lung diseases using xray scans, including Covid-19

This product is an on-going project by AI Camp students from New York and California.


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