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Our students make real AI products that people can use.

By creating an AI product, our students apply what they have learned through first-hand experience of being an engineer, a product manager, or a data scientist. If you want to learn how to make these products, join us!

It will only take a min to apply. More than 5,000 students have done so.

AI Camp Product Demos

AI Detects Cancer

Anh T, Ben V, Faris F, Jimmy Z, Kami A, Zoe B

We built an application to help identify cancers that pose a risk of spreading throughout the human body.

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AI Detects Brain Tumors

sidharth m
Kaiden H, Shreyaa K, Joshua S, Sidharth M, Sanjay M, William N

We used Computer Vision to build an app that detects brain tumors from images.

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AI Detects Age

Maryam A, Neha H, Oliver R, Sydney P, Tanya P, Zack H

Our application predicts the ages of people in photos to help businesses.

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Catherine H, Katie S, Madeleine B, Rahul G, Sarghi S

We created a mask detector to help store owners to keep everyone safe.

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AI Detects Emotions

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Dylan S, Joshua Y, Kaitlyn D, Lucy M, Nidhi P, Ritviik R

We built an emotion detector to help tackle issues impacting people's social lives and provide assistance.

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Faguni G, Justin L, Sai R-S, Steffi M, Sriram N

We created this application using NLP to analyze healthy vs. unhealthy food ingredients.

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Bernice Lau

"My experience at AI Camp was very insightful and rewarding. I'm really grateful to have had this opportunity because I was not only able to expand my knowledge in Python, but I was also able to implement machine learning and AI training models to large-scale products in a fast-paced environment, all while developing valuable skills at the same time."

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Kai Karadi

"My favorite part of the classes was the lecture that Richard gave... about precision, recall, and evaluation. He went at the perfect pace for me and his use of examples really solidified my understanding. Without the fraud example, I don't think I would have understood the difference between precision and recall, nor why each was important in different settings."

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Lauren Park

"I really enjoyed the lectures on training neural networks! Learning about back propagation was really interesting and I hope to learn about the math formulas after taking calculus. My favorite part of the class was coding the buttons and other things with flask for my team's project website. Even though it was confusing at times, it was a fun challenge!"

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Jack Lieberman

"I liked the interactive piece during the lesson. I also liked learning about linear regression because I learned about it in school, but not with some of the technicalities about it and definitely not with anything code-related."

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Sidharth Mandava

"I liked our expansion of pandas, although it was somewhat difficult. I will probably review over the weekend, to make sure that I am at a good place to continue learning next week. I also liked the lecture on using data to make career decisions... that will be helpful to me in the future."

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Zihan Wang

"I loved that I actually got to do some hands on coding on assigning vectors to tokens and gain a deep understanding of how neural networks work. [I was also] able to thoroughly understand why clearing up data is so important for Artificial Intelligence."

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