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Learn AI After-school

Free today, and then $199/month after your 2-week trial. You can adjust or cancel any time.
Here are more details of the program:
  1. Weekly instructor led AI class. We will learn coding, machine learning, and deep learning through lectures and hands-on exercises and projects. 
  2. Build an impressive AI product for your college application.
  3. Progress through multiple stages of the program and get technical internships at technology companies.
  4. Experience various tech roles, such as product manager, designer, software engineer and data scientist, to figure out your major and future. 
  5. Unlimited mentorship from the instructor.
  6. A cloud computer for you to work on your project. A learning center where all the class materials, homework, and projects are hosted.
  7. No programming experiences required; flexible schedule.
  8. Plan costs $199/month after 2-week trial. You can cancel at anytime.
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