Purchase this to reserve your spot for our summer camp. We will ask you for the remaining tuition after the info session.


You will enjoy the partial scholarship of $600 by purchasing this product. The full tuition with scholarship is at $1,749 (the full price is $2,349).


Your reservation fee counts into the tuition. This reservation fee is refunndable. Please note we only have 10 spots for this scholarship. First come, first serve. 


During the summer, you will:

  • learn coding, artificial intelligence, how to make decisions using data, and careers in tech.

  • build an impressive AI product for your college application.
  • experience various tech roles and learn how to make informed career decisions.
  • talk to top practioners in AI.
  • be part of an AI community that will shape the future.


Your batch choise is flexible.

Please note this spot for you is not transferrable.

AI Camp Summer Reservation w/ $600 Scholarship