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Purple - Blue Gradient

After School Program

Weekly AI program taught by top AI Practitioners to give you a solid foundation in coding, data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning.
Age 13 - 18


50 min instruction + one hour assignment each week.


No coding experience needed


A full tech immersion program, from coding to AI to tech internships.

Our Students Make Impressive AI Products that People Actually Use.

We built an app to do food research for you using Natural Language Processing.

Try it at:

Program Logistics

  • Learn AI in small classes online with our instructors. 6 students max per instructor.

  • Weekly 50-minute live instruction + hour-long self-paced exercise year-round.

  • Class is available 7 days a week. It is designed for busy students.

  • Build an impressive AI product for your college admission portfolio.

  • Experience various tech roles and learn how to make informed career decisions.

  • Chat with industrial leaders and professors to learn cutting-edge development in AI.

  • Gain access to our learning center with all AI learning materials. 

  • No coding experience necessary to begin.

  • Tuition: $199/ month. Cancel at anytime.

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Learn AI
Prepare for the Future

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Learn AI online in small class with top AI practitioners​​

Our instructor to student ratio is 1 to 5. With this small class size, we can deliver a personalized experience to our students while students collaborate on their projects. Students typically will need to prepare offline by reading, and the whole class then will meet online for discussion and work on the AI product together. 
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Build an AI product with your peers

The focus of the online camp is to build an AI product that people can use. With the proliferation of collaboration tools such as Zoom, Slack, and Github, we will collaborate seamlessly. Instructors can directly see students screens and provide personalized help/feedback to students. Use this AI product to impress your friends, family and college admission officers.

Interact with industry leaders to learn their journey in tech

With video conferencing, students get to meet top AI practitioners (like data scientists at Uber, Facebook and Pinterest) and ask them questions such as their journey to tech. Students in fact get to stay in the network and can utilize this connection for their later learning and network. You can see our previous interviews on our blog.

how to pick a major.png

Gain important real-life skills

It's important to learn how to pick a major and network so that our students can make best use of their college time. These real-life skills are really useful during and after schools and can make a real difference for our students to become leaders in their fields.

Impressive Curriculum

Level 1 - 12 weeks

Programming, Command Lines, and Statistics

During the first level, student learn basics in Python, such as how to write a for loop and a function. We will also give an overview of how to make an AI product so that students have a mentor model of the whole camp right at the beginning. We will also introduce simple statistics so that our students can understand more advanced machine learning concepts (such as entropy). 

Level 2 - 12 weeks

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

With the basic foundation there, we will start introduce them concepts of machine learning. This includes concepts such as supervised machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, careers in AI, and ethics in AI.  We will also teach core data skills such as how to explore data, how to visualize data, and how to manipulate data. We will use mini-projects to help us gain firm understandings.
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Level 3 - 24 weeks  

Crafting an impressive AI Product

After the first two levels, students have great fundamentals in programming and machine learning, and now they are ready to make one AI product. This requires them to take different roles in a team and start collaborate to get the project done. This is the most interesting and exhilarating part of the camp. 


can learn AI

More than 3,000 students have registered! It will only take a min to do so.

The Most Flexible
Membership Ever

Join at anytime. Cancel at anytime.
Classes are offered 24/7 - just schedule it with your instructor. 
Each student also get a student card where we log progresses, homework, and what we think students can improve. We are a young program, and we are trying hard to improve by listening to your feedback.

Our Students Love the Experience


Jenny Kim

"I came to AI camp with little knowledge about machine learning, so I was very excited and nervous at the same time. Through the guidance of our amazing instructors, I was able to learn so much about machine learning and also discover future jobs and interests. I’m very glad that I joined this camp because of the experiences I had, as well as meeting a wonderful team to build this project."


Axel Mora

"Before our first video call I really had no clue what I was doing or where I was going. After AI Camp's conclusion I came had much more than Machine Learning knowledge. I came away with the confidence to tackle challenges head on. I found new ways of opening doors I didn't know existed and gained the experience of building my first project: a memory which will be treasured for years to come."


Leo Dai

"AI camp helped me to bring my code into AI projects with a meaning and purpose. It opened my eyes to the future of the world, where AI is integrated into our lives more and more. I've learned about how AI is transforming every business and penetrating into every field. Coming into AI camp, I had no previous ML experience. Although I had learned some previous python and c++, I had no idea how to integrate it into AI. Fortunately, the instructors were incredibly helpful and quickly helped me catch up. I think the project was what really stood out to me, and the idea of making something useful was honestly, really novel to me. I really liked this camp, and I hope I can continue learning about AI."

AI Camp has profound impact to our students

With AI Camp

Learn core data skills with leaders in a great industry
Make informed major/career decisions by information interviews and experimenting.
Be part of a top AI practitioner network and know how to build close relationships.

Without AI Camp

No real industry skills and do not know how to learn after school. 
No idea what to do. Just follow the trend and end up being not happy.
No industry connections and no internal referral to get in.

Learn AI Online
@ AI Camp

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