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1:1 Project Based,
AI Learning Program

Personalized guidance from world class mentors. Build impressive AI products for science fair, college admission and experience the future.
For ages 13 - 18
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Program Overview


Freedom To Explore

The student's own ideas and passions are where we begin. Through a dynamic project design process, mentors will teach their students basics and best practices before helping them build their own unique project.
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Scheduling Flexibility

Typically, a student needs 30-60 one-hour sessions with a mentor to finish a complex project and deploy it on their own webpage. However, there’s no need to do what is typical. Almost everything about this experience can be customized — from the schedule and length to the course modules and the final learning outcome.

Passionate About Student Success

Our students learn real engineering and data skills with guidance from mentors to set themselves up for success at tech companies. Through networking opportunities and one on one professional development, students will be able to effectively showcase their project portfolios to future employers!


Personalized feedback, advice, and support from experienced researchers and professionals

Personalized Feedback

Hands-on projects with programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and other topics typically reserved for higher education

Hands-On Projects

Prepare for Tech Internships

Learn and develop essential skills for professional tech internships as a teenager to boost your resume
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Make projects that matter.

Our students are using Computer Vision to build apps that detect brain tumors from images.

Impressive Topics and Courses

How to go from Beginner to Hired Intern
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Computer Vision

  • Image manipulation

  • Object detection

  • Image segmentation

  • Object counting

  • Image classification

  • Object recognition

  • Face generator with styleGAN

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Natural Language Processing

  • Neural translation

  • Speech recognition

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Chatbot

  • Text classification

  • Automated text summarization

  • Text generator

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Data Scientist

  • Marketing and advertising (housing price and rent prediction)

  • Trading (stock marketing data)

  • Health data

  • Business (credit card fraud detection,
    insurance fraud detection)

  • Recommendation systems

  • Network links

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Brain Computer Interface

  • Audio-visual generated by brain frequencies

  • High-Performance Brain-to-Text Communication via Handwriting

  • Feature extraction and classification of motor imagery EEG signals

  • EEG signal decoder

  • Artificial EEG data generator for motor

  • BCI controller system

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Reinforcement Learning

  • Games (Chess, Pacman, etc)

  • Self-driving car (CARLA)

  • City bike rebalancing problem

  • Long text generation with LeakGAN

  • Video summarization

  • Recommendation systems

  • Rocket engineering

  • Traffic light control

  • Robotics manipulation

  • Trading (predict stock marketing data)

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Program Highlights

For middle and high school students interested in STEM

Flexible mentorship sessions and personalized projects

1:1 help with instructors from top universities and companies

Student Responsibilities


Choose a mentor and make the first contact via Discord


Maintain confidentiality whenever appropriate


Meet with your mentor 1+ time(s) per week, 30+ minutes per meeting


Be open and listen to constructive feedback


Arrive on time for meetings and respond to messages in a timely manner


Notify if any concerns about the development of mentorship relations arise
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atharv bhavanasi

Jump Start Your Future

"My time at AI Camp's 1:1 Program expanded my knowledge and interest in machine learning and AI. The hands-on experience I gained from AI Camp will definitely help in my future."

Atharv created an app to predict stock prices for short term traders by using Machine Learning Neural Networks to display calculated predictions.

Try Atharv's Product

Product Demo

Our programs are competitively priced and offer exclusive access to the world’s best instructors.
Billing is charged monthly and can be discontinued at any time for any reason. No fees apply.
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Fully Customizable Membership

Classes are offered 24/7 for students in any time zone.
You can start, pause, or stop the membership at anytime. 

AI is the Biggest Tech Tidal Wave in Our Lifetime.

Start Your AI Journey Now.

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