AI Camp Instructors

We are only as great as the doors we open.

AI Camp instructors teach transferable skills to the next generation while earning a competitive salary, enjoying flexible part-time hours, and gaining valuable industry experience. It's impactful and rewarding.

Why join our team

Hone your teaching skills

Teaching AI to teens is not easy. This job will test your ability to convey complex ideas in simple terms and work with a range of student personalities.

Learn the tech industry

Our students make AI products, just like start-ups do. AI Camp provides extensive training and help. You will get to learn the best practices in managing a team to make AI products.

Work with a flexible schedule

You determine your own schedule for our AI Mentorship program. For the summer program, you will work from 10 am to 3 pm, 5 days a week.

Be part of a great 

AI Camp was founded by Stanford alumni and advised by many top AI experts. We only hire the best of the best. You will be with a group of AI experts and dedicated educators.

Earn a competitive salary

Earn $17.50 to $33 per hour, or more depending on your experience. For our summer internship, earn $2800 a month (minimum)

Make a deep impact, one student a time.

AI Camp is bringing AI education across the country. Our goal in 2022 is to teach 10,000 students about AI. But more importantly, you will impact our students' future in your class, one student a time.

Our students don't make PowerPoints.


They make Impressive AI Products People Actually Use.

During Summer Camp, in just three weeks we made a face mask detector to help business owners fight the

Covid-19 Pandemic.

Try it at:

Instructor Opportunities

AI Immersion 1:1 Mentors

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 1.10.15 PM.png
  • For our mentorship program, you will teach at least one virtual class of 1-2  students that runs about 50-min  and spend another 60-min helping students during the week.

  • Schedule is flexible as it will be set by you and your students. Most of our classes happen during the weekends.

  • During the week, you will also help provide feedback, answer questions, and guide students in their learning and assignments.

  • You will lead the students to build an impressive AI product. 

  • Teaching a minimum 2 classes per week and a commitment of at least 6 months. Preference will be given to instructors who can commit.

  • Collaborate with other team members at AI Camp to create new educational content or enhance existing education content.

Summer Instructors

  • For our summer program, you will teach online from 10 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 3 pm during the weekday. You can choose one or more from the three batch choices: 

    • Batch A:​ 6/6 to 6/24

    • Batch B: 6/27 to 7/15

    • Batch C: 7/18 to 8/5

    • Batch D: 8/8 to 8/26

  • Teaching a full batch at minimum. Preference will be given to candidates who can teach all four batches. Iteration make better instructors.

  • Your hourly rate will be between 17 to 25 dollars, depending on your level.

  • You will make from $2,800 to $4,000 per month by working on this part time job during the summer. 

  • You will teach the necessary skills for students to build an impressive AI product. 

  • You can devote 10 hours of time for instructor training prior to the summer camp begins (5/31)

  • Collaborate with other team members at AI Camp to create new educational content or enhance existing education content.

How We Teach at AI Camp


We do not teach knowledge from A to Z.

Not all knowledge and skills are equal. Through project based learning, we strive to teach skills that can open doors and are transferrable.
Distance Learning

Our job is to train independent learners.

With abundant knowledge online and the importance of life-long learning, it is critical for students to be able to learn on their own. Our job is to train students to be more self-reliant!
Jeweller Working

We open doors to our students.

We introduce students not only the world of AI, but the professions of AI. By creating an AI product with our students, we offer the crucial hands-on experience for students to determine their future.

Three Requirements for

AI Camp Instructors

1. Have a Passion for Education

To us, education is to provide opportunities for a fulfilling life. To us, every student has her/his strength and weaknesses. Thus as educators, our job is to offer exposure, guidance and inspiration to the future generations. We hope that they can be better than us and live a better life than us. If the above words resonate with you, you might have the passion that we are looking for. 

2. Be a Great Teacher Who's Approachable

If you have a gift in explaining things in simple terms and take pride in that, we are looking for you. If you are comfortable with being vulnerable to build a relationships with students, we are looking for you. You know, students here are not only looking for AI experts, they are looking for role models who they can build a relationship with. If you understand that, you will enjoy this job greatly as you will see your student flourish. 

3. Possess Fundamental Knowledge of Python and Data Science

Crafts take years to polish. If you have kept your heads down, focusing on your mastery (whether it's about applying AI to a domain or researching in AI) to become the world expert of something, we are looking for you. You need to be very good at Python and Data Science for this job because we will use it to create an AI product from scratch with teenagers.

How We Hire at AI Camp

Step 1

Submit an application

Simply fill an application on this page. The best candidates do a ton of research about the job and the company that makes rejecting them very uncomfortable.

Step 2

Go through two rounds of interviews

You will meet an instructor and a founder at AI Camp. We will have a great chat and might ask you to demo how you would teach certain concepts in Python and/or in Data Science.

Young Teacher
Step 3

Start training as an instructor

Once you get accepted, your training will start. We will walk you through how we teach at AI Camp and ask you to work on an AI product. You will work with your students on an AI product in the same category.

For our students,

For you.