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AI Camp

Learn AI with Zero Coding Experience.

AI Camp teaches future leaders about coding, AI, how to learn, and how to work through creating impressive AI products and tech internships. 
For ages 13 - 18

AI Camp Highlights


Founded by Stanford Ph.Ds

Our instructors and founders are graduates from Stanford and CMU. With our mentors and advisors, we are top practitioners in AI. 

Build Impressive AI Products

We learn the best by doing, and our students learn by building impressive AI products that people can use. Use it in your college application portfolio. 

Learn Real

Our students learn real skills. Not only do they learn real engineering and data skills and get hired at tech companies, they also learn how to use data to make decisions and how to build deep relationships with people.

Our students don't make PowerPoints.
They make impressive AI products people actually use.

In just three weeks, we made a face mask detector to help business owners fight the
Covid-19 Pandemic.

Try it at: 

Impressive Programs
for Our Students

AI Immersion Program

  • A full technology and AI immersion program that will prepare you for tech internships and will teach you about artificial intelligence and coding.

  • Advanced students are selected for training and interview preparation for technical internships. 

  • No coding experience is needed to start.

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Summer AI Camp

  • A three-week summer hands-on class that will teach you about artificial intelligence, how to code, how to make decisions using data, and about careers in tech.

  • Build an impressive AI product for your college admission portfolio in the summer

  • No coding experience is needed to participate.


Our summer camp is full, but you can learn more details about the program here. We encourage that you join our AI Immersion Program.

What's Special About AI Camp

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Teach Real, Employable Skills

Everyday, we evaluate what we teach, while also collaborating with industry leaders to create learning materials and curriculums that can teach practical knowledge to our students. When we start teaching our students real and transferrable knowledge, they can pave their own future.

Active, hands-on, project-based learning

Learning at AI Camp is all about hands-on active learning. We learn the best by practicing and by making mistakes. Thus all of our classes are about making impactful and interesting projects, which motivate students to learn.
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From coding to tech internships - a full immersion program

AI Camp is built by our students. Our best students are hired to build websites, to program discord services, and to deploy servers that allow thousands of students to learn about AI. Seeing their success and rapid growth, we are now starting to send our students to the best tech companies and non-profits for internships. It benefits our students, and companies love them!  

From Real Employable Knowledge
to Real Experiences 

Age: 17.
Title: Software Engineer.

"When I graduate from college, I will have six years of professional software development experience."

Jackson (from Austin, TX) manages 20+ services and builds custom software that enable businesses like AI Camp to run.

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Parents Love our Curriculum

Appreciation messages from Parents for AI Camp

I am so very glad that he has been using his time on something that he finds interesting, challenging, and inspiring at the same time.

A World-Class Team for Our Students

Our advisors, mentors, and instructors are top industry and academic experts in AI. They founded impactful companies or are currently conducting cutting edge research in AI.
We care deeply about education.

Dr. Michael Ke Zhang


Stanford Ph.D.

Head of Data at Blend Labs


Dr. Ying Jiang


Stanford Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist at Ericsson


Ofer Mendelevitch

Advisor and Guest Speaker

CTO/Co-founder at Syntegra


Dr. Justin White

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Stanford Ph.D.

Co-founder & CTO at Notable Health


Robert Young

 Guest Speaker

Stanford BS.

Lead Data Scientist at Keewi


Eugene Marinelli

Advisor and Guest Speaker


Co-founder and CTO at Blend Labs


Prof. Tsachy Weissman

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Professor at Stanford University


Lin Yuan

Guest Speaker

Engineering Manager at Lyft


Dr. John Stockton

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Stanford Ph.D.

Co-founder and CTO at Quantifind.


Kenneth Jiang

Advisor and Guest Speaker

Founder at TSD


Dr. Nikolas Tezak 

Guest Speaker

Stanford Ph.D.

Open AI Fellow


Shana Ghadar

Guest Speaker


Senior Applied Machine Learning Manager at Adobe