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AI is the biggest technology tidal wave in our student's lifetime

Today, AI is helping us making drugs, recommending optimum routes for us to navigate, and helping doctors to fill the paperwork. Tomorrow, AI can compose music for us and drive long winding roads to deliver goods. Learning AI is a good way to master your own future. 

Learn how to use data to make good decisions.

How did Facebook grow to 4 billion users? How do you decide what to major? How do you choose one credit card to another? The key to all these questions is just one word: DATA. Use data to make a decision is one of the most important skills that you must learn. 

Building an AI product to learn roles in the tech industry

The tech industry is a great industry - it pays well and has plenty of opportunities. Building an AI product forces us to take different roles, and this experience help students to understand what it is like to be a data scientist or a product manager. These experiences help them to make great decisions as to what to major when they go to college.


should learn AI

What's special about
AI Camp Courses

Learn Fundamentals as well as How to Learn


Programming and Command Lines

Python and Command Lines are basic skills all our students will master. We do not teach everything about it, but we just teach you enough for you to start working on your project. Like in class 3, you will start using Python to make requests to APIs. Yes, you can do it!


Data Visualization and Exploration

Once equipped with programming knowledge, you get to learn about how to manipulate data and visualize data. Data skills are so useful, like how we monitor the progress of the containment of this Covid-19 pandemic. We will learn how to process data and construct our own data visualization dashboards!


Traditional Machine Learning

After you learned about how to manipulate data, it's time to use it to learn Machine Learning. This is where we will learn regression and other supervised machine learning techniques.


Deep Learning

The hottest machine learning technique right now is deep learning - it uses artificial neural networks, which mimic what goes on inside our brains. We will learn how to construct a neural network, how to train it, and various NN architectures. 


Creating AI Products

We will learn more about deep learning, but depending on your interests, we will create AI products together. This will give you so much 

What AI products will you build?

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