Our students make real AI products that people can use.

By creating an AI product, our students apply what they have learned through first-hand experience of being an engineer, a product manager, or a data scientist. If you want to learn how to make these products, join us!

AI Camp Product Demos

AI Detects Fake News

Audrey L, Bernice L, Datta Kansal, Eric Wan, Ishan Khillan
We used Natural Language Processing to create a fake news detector that helps people differentiate between real and fake news that they see online.

AI Mimics Tweets

max l.png
max i.jpg
jasper s.png
Jasper S, Kosi O, Max I, Max L, Max M, Shriya C
We built an AI to mimic the tweeting style of a user based on the user’s previous tweets.

AI Chat Bot

Bowen H, Daniel L, Gary W, Marcus H, Rachel B, Ryan C
We used Natural Language Processing to create an AI Chat Bot to provide users with help, comfort, or guidance.

AI Detects Weapons

melissa m.jpg
Andrew L, Cindy C, Donghyung K, Melissa M, Rebecca C, Sricharan G
We built an AI that can recognize potentially dangerous situations involving firearms through images and videos.

Technology Detector

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brandon l.png
Brandon L, Donovan F, Jaywun J, Nishchay J, Peter D, Theo Z
We built an AI that can detect different forms of technology present in an image.

AI Plays Rock, Paper, Scissors

jaden c.jpg
Eshan k.jpg
Ayan S, Eshan K, Jaden C, Julianne R, Larson O, Mason P
We used Computer Vision to build an app that recognizes a person's hand signals for rock, paper, and scissors.

AI Navigates Streets in Your Native Language

justin d.jpg
Antonio C, Druthi P, Hana S, Justin D, Justin W, Luke N
We built an AI to translate street signs of all shapes and sizes to your native language.

AI Detects Leaf Disease

lukas w.jpg
connor b.jpeg
Aasha Y, Connor B, Jaydon G, Lukas W, Surya S, Zachary B
We built an AI to classify leaves and detect whether they are diseased or healthy.

AI Generates Haikus