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Purple - Blue Gradient
AI Camp - Conceptual Series

Discover AI Concepts & Careers in Tech

An insightful introductory program to introduce you the world of AI in just three lessons.
It just takes a minute to apply.
Over 3,000 students have done so.


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AI Camp was Founded by Stanford Ph.Ds.

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Learn AI with zero coding experience.


10 scholarships for each school as long as we are in this pandemic.

Three Live Lessons on AI

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Introduction to AI

  • Learn AI with zero coding experience.

  • What is AI? Where did it come from?

  • Three major categories of Machine Learning.

  • Common applications of AI technology.

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Deep Learning

  • Neural networks and how they work.

  • Convolutional Neural Networks.

  • How to train a Neural Network.

  • Real world uses for deep learning.


Career and Life Design

  • Learn how AI products are really made.

  • Explore career opportunities.

  • Plan your future with a data based approach.

More than 5,000 students have registered.
Take advantage of this program as soon as you can.

Hear what our alumni say about our programs...

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